Devastating news

I have been debating with myself  for a while about the appropriateness of writing about this in here. The debate was closed once I considered how relevant this person was in the creation of this project (Scixel) and how I’m conducting my life today.

Juanjo Sáenz, my friend, has recently left us. A lot is going to be said about him and I can’t add anything more to it: it is all true. He gave me the opportunity to discover the research world and at some point, just as an accident or a side effect I got a thesis manuscript written and a PhD title. The amazing people I meet in those years and the fun I had, it’s all his fault. And also my job today, somehow that’s also his fault.

It is really sad because he left too soon leaving a trail of happier, wiser, and grieving people. Just to describe the magnitude of this trail, a common friend said: it is terrible that this happened during the Covid-19 situation. His funeral would had looked like a state funeral. And this is also true.

See you man.


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