Born in 2012, Scixel is a project devoted to the improvement of the scientific comunication through the creation of graphical products: pictures, animations, graphs, posters, etc. Scixel consists of scientists with a deep knowledge in digital graphics but also with a long experience in giving talks, preparing posters and papers and other daily situations of scientific work.

Being scientists we understand that scientific comunication must be improved, not only among scientists, but mainly with society. One obvious way to reach this improvement is to enclose your scientific work with a good quality picture or animation. This imaging work can play many roles:

  • It can be a way to clarify or summarize your work.
  • It can have a pedagogical function for non scientists in mass media communications.
  • It can enhance the visibility of your work in talks, magazine covers, web pages or supplementary material in your papers.
  • It can be the only way to construct certain graphs. Sometimes commercial software does not reach the level of quality some complex graphs require.

We have already worked for big companies as Acciona Infraestructuras or Typsa but we have focused our work into universities and research institutes: TuDelft (The Netherlands), UniversitÀt Konstanz (Germany), Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, CNB or ICFO (Spain)

What  we  are  not : We are not forgers and we don’t mean to be. As scientists, truth and accuracy are essential. As a golden rule, a good presentation must not disguise a poor work.



Long before I started messing around with digital graphics in its many forms. Today I find myself having lots of fun using my programming skills to produce digital products (images, animation, web pages, interactive graphs, etc). You need to be a huge freak to write down this line without feeling any shame.



We frequently collaborate with Filmociencia and Patricia BondĂ­a.