In our animations we try to balance realism, accuracy and clarity, depending on the demand of our clients.

2016 Scixel’s Demoreel

Quantized Thermal Transport

A cool work for filmociencia.
They are directing a series of videos for ICMAT and AXA Research Fund on risk and its science.

In this animation we simulated the motion of graphene drums and the change of color associated to it. Requested by Santiago Cartamil, this was a beautiful collaboration between TuDelft and Graphenea (Spain).

This animation is part of the additional material of Dr. Brihuega et al, concerning the magnetization of graphene, published in Science in April 2016.

Prof. Elke Scheer requested a few animations to support this video in which she and part of her research group, explain the basics of magnetism and the details of their own research.

The IAR Labs promotional video was a collaboration with Filmociencia. They kindly asked for some pieces of CGI and Scixel delivered.

So close and Such a Stranger: a documentary about condensed matter physics. Our biggest project up to date! Learn about this both unknown and ubiquitous area of physics and how it has changed the way you live.

Our 2015 demo reel. Hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed its production! And as it is tradition, we want to thank our customers for making it possible.

A Loophole-Free Bell test. There’s not much to say. Bas Hensen, Ronald Hanson et al at TU Delft rocked physics with this experiment. Such an honour to be there.

Impetux is a company working on optical tweezers based devices. We worked for them making this animation showing brand new and future equipement.